Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dude, where's my car?

Talk about an Australia day to remember.

It began with some early morning snowboarding and drinking at Sunshine. I had another couple of friends in town from Utah and they came over for red & blue pancakes. The hill was absolutely beautiful. Sky was clear, blue with amazing scenery. There were tons of people dressed up in aussie gear and a few crazy people in singlets and boardies.

After Sunshine we headed back to town where we hit up the Legion for Australia day celebrations and drinks.

Then off to the Magpie for some food and more drinks. 8pm and I was absolutely wasted so I cut back on my drinks for a while. Onto Brunos which was packed and then finally The Devils Gap where I hung out for the rest of the night. Everyone ditched me they were all completely wasted. I ended up finding my mate Brett and just chatted to him all night. We went back to the magpie and then onto Bretts mates place where we chilled out talking till about 6am. I ended up back at Bretts and just passed out.

So 10am comes round and I am stumbling home completely scattered and my car is gone. So I head upstairs turn on my phone which had run out of battery the night before and there is like 10 missed calls from Heather and then these messages that she had driven my car round the corner and it had died on her then she couldnt restart it or get the key out. Fair enough she was completely scattered as well but she left my car round the corner with the key in the ignition and the doors unlocked. So I walk over and find my car and its in drive which explains why she couldnt restart it or get the key out but I asked her why she left the door unlocked with all my ski gear in it. (it was sitting on this street for about 3 hours) and her response was that she couldn't lock it because the central locking switch wouldn't work which happens when my car is to cold which leads me to believe it died on her because she didn't warm the engine up first. Anyway so I was pretty mad on little sleep now and mentioned that the car also has manual locks on the door. Her response "oh" So for three hours my car is sitting there unlocked with the key in the ignition all my ski gear in the back. Oh and its funny because nothing got stolen.

Anyway I went snowboarding, still a little buzzed but completely exhausted. Got a free intermediate lesson. Learnt the right way to lean and the instructor asked me if I felt any pain... ah no I said. But yea today I feel so sore...

Worked till 11pm then finally got some sleep. ZZZzzzz

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