Wednesday, March 9, 2011

changing referances

It frustrates me that people can change their responses.

And he changed it to this

- I'm sorry that his Dad died, it sux. But if your not feeling social why are you couch surfing, or why don't you inform your host before hand? Why come along to events and not say thanks. I know why, because he didn't want to spend any money. When I had no more room left he wanted to sleep at the airport he barely ate because he didn't want to spend the money. If my dad had died recantly and I was couchsurfing I would make the effort to appreciate my host. otherwise I would keep to myself and stay in a bloody hotel.

As for cleaning the dishes? He ate the pasta BY HIMSELF inside while we all sat outside. Then he washed HIS plate only. The only reason he helped the other couch surfer with the dishes is because she flat out asked him to help her, and she was already halfway through them and he didn't even lift a finger until she asked him.

Did I forget to mention how he left the front door unlocked all day even though I said lock the house if you leave. When I asked him why he said "oh i didnt think I had to lock that door" WHAT??!!

Or that I said he had to leave by Saturday and 5pm comes round and he is STILL sitting at my house I had to give him a ride to the airport to get him out. The fact is if he had done something at ALL we would have found the room for him but honestly he wonders why he deserves a neutral? What positive things did he do? He didnt do anything. He didn't engage with anyone, share anything with anyone ...sigh. He basically seemed to use my place as a hotel.

I was nice on my referance because I don't think he is a bad person just a little disillusioned by what couch surfing is. I left out a lot of stuff but now with his excuses its just made me annoyed.

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