Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Projects 2011.

This is a non-couchsurfing related post. Heaven forbid!

I have a bunch of projects to get stuck into for 2011 as soon as I make it back from the USA, and start working again and save my money.

Firstly my cricket farm. To you that might be strange, breeding crickets. But I just realised its a bit of an uptapped market in Darwin. If your a lizard owner and surprisingly a large amount of people in the Northern Territory are food will set you back about $7 every three days. If I can breed crickets on the cheap, all they need is a little bit of damp sand and food scraps I can sell them for $5 for three days worth. Then perhaps with the profits ok so its not going to make me millions, but extra money won't hurt I can invest in my own lizards. Or my dream animal, a breeding pair of black-headed pythons. now why stop with crickets? Mealworms are another lucrative market and so easy to breed, all you need to do is pop them in the fridge to stop them turning into beetles! I Have my basic setup I just need to get bulk crickets to start the breeding. So far its set me back $15 for four containers (lawn sales) and free sand :D

Second is my frog pond. I have decided rather then dig a permanent fixture into the backyard I am getting those baby pools the shells and turning them into a pond. With plenty of free rocks to stack inside and outside the frogs will have easy pond access. I need to find a native fish that will eat the mosquito larvae but not the frog spawn. Also a way to keep the water fresh.

Third project is my 30th birthday. Of course in true Amanda style it will be a massive party and I have finally decided on the theme. It was almost not going to have a theme but I have found the perfect idea. Zombies. I have decided to dip into my artistic side and create paper mache zombies. I found this guy on google. holy crap he is amazingly talented. I don't think I can get close to his talent but I am going to attempt more life like zombies. Then I can get toxic free pool dye and dye the pool red. I also have brain jelly moulds to create some awesome vodka brain jelly. This is just the beginning if you have any zombie ideas for a party let me know! I figured people could dress up as zombies or zombie hunters. Like the cop from walking dead, resident evil, nazi zombie from dead sno. Geezus is it just me or this year proving epic?

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Theresa said...

Amanda..............can i come and breed crikets and mealworms with you..................?miss ya girl cant wait o see you in banff soon....its where ya belong