Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The traveller sees what he sees, The tourist sees what he came to see.

Is it just me? Couchsurfer host extraordinaire and I am feeling more anti-social than an emo with a good hair day. This sort of thing happens to everyone even bubbly, over social me.

I feel a little bad for ignoring my surfers a bit. But I am taking them out to Litchfield tomorrow. Speaking of I told my Belgian surfer that if he was interested I would take him as well just chip in for fuel/food and he asks what’s there, so I say waterfalls and stuff and he acts like he doesn’t want to go! Then I guess he sees pictures and he says “yea looks nice I’ll come” Weird, I guess the word of a local on how pretty it is, isn’t enough. I just know when I was couchsurfing whatever my host suggested I was interested in. I consider myself a traveller not a tourist, my mind is open to the experience of so many different things and couchsurfing brings that opportunity closer.

When surfers don’t want to do things I suggest it makes me feel like I am a bit of a hotel. Like passing up on one of my coveted snake hunting missions. Sure it sounds dangerous but its really not and hunting snakes or frogs in the middle of the night really breathes territorian. Speaking of I had a Belgium couple & Canadian couple just recently who were really great and easy to get along with. I took them out to hunt some frogs and we ended up traipsing around Holmes Jungle in the middle of the night through a little creek (only around in the wet) surprisingly successful trip with three baby dwarf frogs and one marbled marsh frog, now relocated to my backyard. Also two lizards also relocated. With the abundance of natural wildlife I’m hoping it brings in more snakes like some of the tree snakes who feast on frogs. Not that I want my frogs to die but I would be quite content with a self preserving ecosystem in my backyard. I think when I get back from the US I will see if I’m allowed to build a pond in one of the corners. That combined with my cricket farm means reptiles galore.

I am well aware snake hunting is not for everyone but one French guy who had a pretty extreme phobia he wouldn’t even touch Dj who is the most placid of all snakes came along just to watch me jump into a river and pull them out. Anyway as my original point is why are you a couch surfer if you don’t want to hang out with your host. I had this Austrian couple stay with me and they were kind of boring, I see why some people refuse to host couples but I think I have had more good than bad. These guys kept to themselves and were more interested in visiting the museum which is open every day and they were here for a week! Then coming down to the waterfront in the city for a CS meeting.

Back to feeling anti-social I did write that a few weeks ago I have since gotten over it. Right now I am just trying to save my money for my big trip overseas thank god I don’t have to pay for any accommodation. I know you shouldn’t rely on couch surfing but I already have a ton of CS friends over there that I am pretty secure will find a floor for me! My flights are insane. I have a red-eye to Sydney then four hours later I’m off to LA then six hours after that I fly to Utah where I arrive Midnight Friday March 25th and my awesome friend will pick me up. Apparently after the 30+ hours of transit and whatever sleep I manage to get Saturday we are straight out for some Kite-Boarding. Since I haven’t snowboarded in AGES my leg muscles despite all the squats I am doing to prepare will probably be jelly by the end. 90% of money saved will be spent on snowboarding.

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