Thursday, March 31, 2011

my holiday is better then your life..what...

I'm sitting a coffee shop sipping a cappuccino, just finished a delicious spinach & feta crepe. The weather is a cool 10-15C and the sun is shining over the mountains.

On Monday I hit up Canyons, Utahs BIGGEST ski resort for one of the best days of all time. The day was beginning to bust as as soon as I got on the lift up to the resort it stopped, for 20 minutes I was stuck on that lift and I was barely five metres up I was considering just jumping down and heading to a bar. It was FREEZING cold the wind was pelting me and the snow was coming in thick. But success they got it working again and I got up to the resort. Of course I was so cold I needed a coffee so I went into the closest bar and ordered a coffee and a beer. They had about 30 beers and only about four of them were full-strength, they actually had a label on the full strength ones, which being Aussie of course I had to try. Three beers later I decided to hit the resort and it was amazing. I don't know where everyone was but the powder was so thick and the runs so empty. Breaking for lunch (and more beer) I ran into some guys from Indiana who ended up taking me up to the top and through a black tree run. The trees were wide enough for me that it wasn't a constant battle since my sharp turns are a little weak especially in powder. The powder was 2 foot deep. It was amazing.

Saying goodbye to them I did a few more runs then as it was nearing time for leo to pick me up I headed up to the top to do a last run only to find my binding was completely loose. Freaking out I had a guy up the top look at it and he managed to get the screw in but as I was about halfway down the mountain the screw worked itself loose again and I was riding quite dangerously with my lead foot rotating as I tried to turn.

Wednesday I went back to Sundance for a beautiful bluebird day. The slopes were softpacked with beautiful untouched courdery lines everywhere. The only problem was by 330pm it was so warm the snow melted up and I couldn't keep up any speed so I was trying the blacks and just getting stuck as soon as it hit flat no matter how fast I was going. It got trying so I went into the bar (suprise!) only to discover id left my ID at home, then I got kicked out of the bar. Ok honestly I don't look 21 do I?

That night we went to a CS meet in Salt Lake City about 15 surfers and hosts for Korean food. It was really good to meet everyone and I saw Matt again who I hadn't seen since Coachella. Rob ended up picking me up as I was now crashing his place and we smoked a joint and chatted till about 11 before I fell asleep.

Today was another writeoff, I put my board in for repairs and Rob was nice enough to lend me his car but I'd forgotten how to drive automatic and was using the brake with my left foot and wondering why I was braking so badly, then I remembered that your supposed to use the same foot, I think I was just so used to using the clutch to slow down by down gearing I'd forgotten how to drive auto!!! Switching back to right side driving wasn't a problem I thought I might slip up but it was pretty much like old times and made me think about my jeep, who I miss more then my ex boyfriend haha.

The air is being amazing to me and I worry about getting back into humidity and feeling the pain again. Snowboarding just makes me feel alive I hate sometimes how physically limited I am at home and everything I've given up over the years. Wakeboarding, bike riding I worry volleyball will be on the cards soon because of my illness. But the dry air and the snowboard just reminds me that I can be happy and healthy and active. The last few months have been increasingly trying on me and I was in some pretty intense pain that I was not my usual positive self. It wears on you after a while y'know. Anyway I'm getting back to my old self and I know I needed this holiday. I've even stopped my meds for the first time in 10 years.

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