Sunday, March 20, 2011

Returning to my surfing roots.

Said goodbye to my final surfer, a very personable guy from Germany. And now I look forward to becoming the surfer again myself. Surfing is not about the money to me its about a way of travel few could only dream of. When it comes to large groups of people it takes me forever to open up, so travelling in hostels I generally have a hard time making connections. After the split from my boyfriend I decided to take the drive across the USA by myself. A terrifying prospect for a simple Territorian, where all our roads are basically highways and the concept of 4-way stop signs, right side driving & freeways boggles the simple bogan mind.

Here I was pulling into small towns for the night, walking into a strangers home and immersing myself in local life. My host in Rapid City, South Dakota texted me the directions for entering his flat, I was treated to a tiny studio apartment with six other people. I questioned where I was to lay my head and next thing I know I'm crawling out his kitchen window to set my sleeping bag down on the roof of the nightclub below. I promptly had the best sleep of my life.

In Sandy, Texas my host a strange artistic type told me to meet him at the church he worked for. I walked into a bible club where I sat beside some boys from germany. The pastor singled me out in welcome and had us sing from the bible. Torn between the desire to respect my host and my own personal beliefs. I ended up keeping my mouth shut and staring at the open bible. In the end the church served me a delicious fried chicken dinner.

In another town in Texas I was treated to my host djing funk at a club whilst they played kung fu movies on the wall, I shared a joint in the back of a car with a columbian and a texan and when jokingly asked them if they had a gun (in texas 4 out of every 3 people have one) he pulls out a sawn off shotgun!

In Utah I made pancakes and was then treated to a lesson on snowkite boarding 10,000 feet about sea level. I was also taken to an alternative club where the theme was rubix and you had to swap clothes with everyone until you wore just one colour. Have you ever seen hot guys in yellow mini skirts?

This is just some of the random things I did on my trip. Each place I went I had a new best friend. It didn't matter that I was alone. The things I saw and did I could never get from a tour guide. I seriously lived. So yea I am excited to be surfing again because the people I can meet and the experiences I can have will be remembered for ever.

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