Wednesday, May 18, 2011

couchsurfing & the relationship

I love everyone, I can’t help it. Every day I get 10-15 requests from couchsurfers around the world and every day I have to say no to most of them because I just don’t have the room. And its horrible because I really wanted to meet that professional scuba diver from Thailand or the Ex Russian Model or just that French guy who said he would cook some amazing food for me!

It’s a constant stream of surfers through my door and its putting a massive strain on my real life. Relationship wise I have now been single for two years. I put it down to being fussy but the truth is I just don’t want to give up what little time I have. When I host I am always doing something new & different and always meeting some crazy new person that if I gave up part of that time to just one person I worry that I will miss out on something amazing. I like to DO and I want to surround myself with other people who DO. So yes hosting is taking over my life. I’m comparing the frivolity of 3 day acquaintances to creating a meaningful partnership for the rest of my life.

I think couchsurfing has replaced the cat lady. Instead of surrounding myself with felines to avoid a personal connection today I surround myself with backpackers.

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