Thursday, May 26, 2011

Darwin is paradise this time of the year.

Darwin? Where? As I spent my time travelling few people knew about the small town I call home. And when I was asked where I was from I eventually just said “north Australia” I did try and reference the movie Australia but it appears very few people actually watched the movie. The shot of Huge Jackman shirtless pouring water over his head is worth every penny, I promise.

As the rest of Australia sinks into winter at a chilly 0C, drizzly rain and all around shitty weather Darwin suddenly turns into this haven. The temperature drops sure a whole 2 degrees during the day down to 30C and a pleasant 10C at night down to 20C. The skies are blue and it rains maybe three times over four months. Its now that Darwin becomes alive. Backpackers pour into the city strolling down the streets in bare minimum filling up the nightclubs with their exuberance and hard earned dollars. Don’t even worry about a dress code, its Darwin. Thongs & a Singlet are your dress code. Cafes can drag their chairs and tables out onto the streets without fear of patrons being rained on.

There is more work than you can throw a backpacker at. Everyone is a little bit happier and not dealing with the heavy air of humidity & heat. Life is good.
Its now we camp, the nights are cool and you don’t stress about being rained on. The water levels drop and some of the most beautiful places in the world can be seen. It brings an air of remoteness that can’t be described.

You can swim once more in the oceans without fear of the jellyfish, colder weather means less mosquitos. The Mindil Markets is up once again a favourite spot to relax and watch the sunset whilst eating food from around the world.
Yep.. Darwin is paradise right now.

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