Saturday, May 7, 2011

So its true nice guys exist.

Last night I was out with a couple of couch surfers and one by one everyone left and it was coming to my attention I was about to be alone in Darwin in a nightclub which if you don't know Darwin then you don't realise how many desperate men are living there. I was having so much fun dancing I didn't want to go home however I wasn't interested in hooking up either. So I tested the waters I slipped my watch off my wrist and hid it in my pocket and then struck up conversation with the first person I saw with a watch turned out to be a Kiwi guy.

"Can I see the time" Thats my new pick-up line :) Then he told me that the watch was on england time. So I asked when he had been to england and he told me two years earlier which got me asking why his watch was still on england time. He didn't know how to change it. He then told me about his girlfriend in Sydney and some other stuff. Safe on the first try.

My last surfer left me and I walked over to him "can you do me a favour, all my friends left and I want to keep dancing but as soon as I dance by myself the 20 year olds move in and i just don't feel like fending guys off all night. You have a girlfriend your safe can I just hang with you." He was super cool and introduced me to all his friends who I danced with for the rest of the night.

They did leave me alone at one point and instantly vultures swooped in and I was surrounded by 20 year olds. Seriously what the fuck.... is there something about me attracting these guys. Luckily Kiwi saw it happen and was quick to rescue me.

After the bar closed we went to the melaluca and jumped into their pool. Illegally of course before security finally kicked us out at 5am. I took them back to my hotel to get more alcohol and then we went down to the park where we sat on a park bench and the Kiwi took out the ukulele and started to sing. Somewhere along the line I fell asleep/passed out and when I opened my eyes again the sun was shining.

They walked me back to the hotel and we said our goodbyes. It was probably one of the most awesome nights ever. I hung out with cool guys, there were no stipulations.. it was just fun :)

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