Wednesday, May 11, 2011

With me its never just one drink.

Its guaranteed that if you can get me out of the house no matter how tired I am and feed me one beer that I will most likely have another and then another and then suddenly its 4am I’m dancing to some crappy R&B having the time of my life, your rolling your eyes in exhaustion begging me to come home but instead I find some guys looking for an after party and then as the sun rises I crawl into a dark corner and pass out.

In Mexico it was a tent in the middle of nowhere, Last Saturday it was a park bench. I’m not fussy about where I lay my head as long as I’m comfortable and trust the people around me. But I never know how to stop yea it’s a horrible habit but it makes for some of the most interesting nights of my life.

My life is random and I would not have it any other way. I am the perfect couchsurfer because of how much I love something different. Things happen to me that the normal person would raise their eyes and gasp at.
“Whaaat you hitchhiked in Mexico are you crazy?”

Maybe a little ;)

I hate to glorify alcohol but some of my best (and worst) decisions have come from “just one drink”
And really the couchsurfer motto needs an update “participating in a better world, one couch & a beer at a time”

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