Thursday, June 16, 2011

the best kind of people.

You ever get that feeling when you open the closet and just don’t know what to wear?

Yea me either. Although for me dressed up is a nice pair of jeans, maybe some runners with a little pink in them. If I ever spend longer then five minutes choosing an outfit its probably because I’m drunk.

Choosing the best surfer however is a much lengthier process.

But still I find myself unsure exactly why I choose this person over that person and often I’ll sit there meticulously pouring over profiles trying to find just the “right” person to fit into my household. And yea obviously the odd bad one slips through the cracks just like that dress that makes you look fat even though you spent an hour choosing it.

Ok in my case jeans.

I have come to the conclusion that I am an overly insecure person. I worry all the time when I make huge mistakes that could ruin somebodies else’s adventure. Which is interesting because personally I can have an amazing time doing anything and often some of my worst nights are remembered as some of the best.

Getting the 4WD stuck was one of those moments, all I could think of was the dread that I had in a sense ruined the adventures of the night by a stupid mistake. Yet the people most affected a Spanish guy & a French girl embraced it themselves and even wrote a reference on my wall stating it as a “beautiful experience”

And you know what I also had a German guy Dominik who I love dearly in my non-creepy platonic way and eagerly await his return to Darwin for more madcap adventures. We went 4Wding to find some snakes which I unfortunately couldn’t find and ended up in a situation where I nearly rolled the 4WD. Instead of freaking out at me for nearly killing everyone (or at least mildly injuring us) he instead turned it into something positive and something he will remember forever.

These are the special people the ones that enjoy the scenery even when they have to take the detour. These are my favourite kind of people and are always welcome at my house.

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