Sunday, June 5, 2011

One Amazing Thing I've Seen or Done: ask me about Mexico.

In Mexico, I did everything they told me not to do. 2011 Easter weekend.

To get to Mexico I first had to find a ride as our rental car wasn’t insured for cross country travel. Not hard I was lucky to hitch with a girl & a guy (Kimberly & matt) both living in Arizona, both keen couch surfers. It started off great Simon & I were an hour late and I was horribly drunk. The girl was already mad at us. We quickly packed which is never smart when you’re drunk. Then I slept in my drunken stupor the whole way from Phoenix to Puerto Penasco, as we arrived in Mexico at 11pm with nowhere to sleep. We tried to find our friends but it was Easter Weekend and apparently some crazy Mexican holiday! We ended up knee deep in Mexicans in some random part of town. A cerveza later and shooted off to find a hotel. 1am comes past and we get the LAST room in this shady hotel. Thank god I brought my ear plugs because Mexicans party hard!

The next day, Saturday we went down to the beach to swim. About lunchtime Simon & I started to drink at The Reef. A nice bar situated right on the beach, not long after that my other friends who we had been looking for the night before showed up randomly and we drank some more. I saw this guy moving back & forth and covering himself in sand and it got me wondering what he was doing so I went over to ask him but he couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t speak Spanish. So he introduced me to his friends and they asked me if I liked to smoke weed to which I said sure, next thing I am being handed a whole bunch of marijuana in the middle of the beach. Of which Simon caught the entire thing on camera. I ask them how much and they told me nothing so we fist bumped and away I went. Leaving the beach at around 6pm we got back to the hotel to change then headed over to our friends condo. Kimberly and I decided we were hungry so we went off to find some nice food and it became apparent Simon was incredibly drunk. Saving his wallet & phone from certain doom and babysitting him the rest of the time waiting for our food we dragged him back to the hotel and told him to eat and go to bed.

Then Kimberley, Matt, Larry & I all went out to a club for some dancing and more drinking. Around 2:30am I decided Simon was probably ready to be woken up to come party some more with me however I arrived to a complete bombshell of an apartment and Simon in the shower. He emerged in a fury “Fucking Mexicans” then I noticed the Spanish writing all over him and his beautiful newly painted finger & toenails. Stifling giggles I asked him what was wrong only to discover that after I had sent him to bed he had left the hotel room, leaving the door unlocked with my passport and everything right there and somehow ended two floors up passed out in some random persons room. They had come in to find him passed out drawn all over him and then woken him up to tell him to get out or they were calling security. Now I was in fits of laughter and tried to calm him down and see the funny side I mean technically it was HIS fault. Anyway all part of the Mexican experience right! I managed to get him calm and then decided he was still too drunk to party so headed off back to the club where everyone had gone… Leaving that club I ran into Jon who came with me on a mission to find Larry involving three more clubs including a Mexican strip club. I went into one club for a bathroom break and came out to find Jon now missing.
All alone and ready to party at 3am I decided to try and find this “rave” I had heard rumour of. So I’m walking down the street a beer in my hand and slowly but surely the street is getting darker and emptier as I leave the clubs behind. Deciding walking down the street at 3am drunk in Mexico was probably not the smartest idea I decided I might as well go back to the hotel. It was then I walked passed a ute with about 20 mexicans in and around. Shrugging my shoulders I walked over to them pulled the weed I had been given earlier out of my pocket and asked them in pathetic Spanish to roll me a joint. They invited me to party with them so I climbed up on the back of the ute and for an hour we smoked and drank in the streets. One of the guys gave me a little party upper and says “well we are all going back to our campsite to party more do you want to come with”


Did I mention I was drunk, stoned…etc.

At least I had some brains I went back to the hotel and woke up Simon and dragged him out he was almost sober and it meant I wasn’t going to die alone in some Mexican room. We went back to their campsite and I drank and smoked even more before realising I was tired. So I did what I always do and found a comfortable spot to pass out which this time was a tent curled up and slept. When I awoke it was hot, I was surrounded by five passed out Mexicans… I opened my eyes and crawled out into the daylight. Shit. Everyone was passed out. I was on a beach about 10km AT LEAST from my hotel. Simon was asleep on a chair snoring. I did what any sane person would do.. I stumbled out onto the road and began to hitchhike my way back to civilisation.
20 minutes later, two non-speaking rides and maybe 3km only down the track I was tired, dehydrated and frustrated. I was desperate…. Then my knights in shining armour appeared. The guys that had taken me to the party in the first place. They picked me up and took me back to the campsite to get Simon. Then they all got out of the car and started smoking a joint.

I insisted I needed to get back to the hotel and well I was at least 3km CLOSER before they had picked me up. Realising my frustration they agreed to give me a ride back. I forced a crazily drunk Simon into the back of the ute and we went on our way. Me sitting in the front conversing in Spanish with two Mexican boys. They dropped me off at the hotel front door and gave me a hug & a joint (which Simon later decided to eat) and they were off riding into the sunset.

And that was the end of Mexico.

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