Sunday, June 19, 2011

my jeep

This time last year I was in Colorado staying in a beautiful house in Denver with the ever amazing Zachariah completing the final touches of my return home.
Trying to fit my entire life into two suitcases wincing as I had to leave behind some treasured items that had just gotten me through over two years abroad. An entire collection of my life.

And don't let me forget my Jeep and everything we went through together. Sleeping in the boot because I was camping in bear country alone and decided to get stoned by the fire and assumed everything was a bear that wanted to eat me. Driving 14 hours straight from Salt Lake City to Seattle. Outrunning a hurricane coming into Florida as I made my way to New Orleans. Picking up strange hitchikers in Nova Scotia. Breaking down in the middle of winter just outside of some small town in Alberta only to make it home with a small can of WD40. My Jeep who I drove back and forth across the USA with, my one solid thing in my life for a year and a half when my boyfriend left me and I had no fixed home. Who took me up to the ski hills every day and STILL started on the days of minus 40. Crossing the mexican border and driving up onto a beach where we camped for three days. Being searched countless times at the USA border, even once with drug dogs. Hitting a car in Chicago because my paralell parking wasn't good enough for big cities. Driving up the wrong way in a one way street in Quebec City. Taking on New York City in rush hour traffic! Getting a misdemonour in Utah, and a warning from a cute cop in Texas. Countless parking tickets across the country. Being pulled over for my brake lights in California whilst an ounce of weed sat in the glove box making the entire car smell like weed only to have the policeman wave me on my way. Flying off the road in Dawson Creek British Columbia when the snow had melted and sucked us in.

Outrunning caribou, moose, bison on the way to Alaska. Sliding through stop signs as the wheels locked up on the ice. Somehow fitting much more than the car could carry. Overheating in a huge traffic jam on the way to Niagra falls on a 40C day. Providing music at a cabin in Ontario then running out of battary and being jump started. Driving over 30,000km in three different countries, 30 US states, 7 Canadian provinces. Getting lost in Mexico. Crawling along at 20km/h in huge blizzards. Breaking in when we locked TWO sets of keys in the car, continuously getting in the drivers seat whilst drunk because I thought it was really the passangers seat. Being trapped on my first USA freeway in Nebraska for an hour. Becoming a highly agressive city driver who conquered some of the biggest cities in the world.

Yes my Jeep I miss you and the adventures we had. I hope whereever you are now is a happy place for you.

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