Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I just can’t do broke & destitute

Today is Thursday, that means its my first full pay check in over six weeks, since I took so much leave without pay. It means finally I can stretch the money to cover the car loan, rent, food & extra for repaying my many travel debts. The credit card is finally up to 0$.

Its been tough the last few weeks, mostly because as a CS Host I find myself being generous outside my means & also because I am a bit of an alcoholic. I took a bunch of people out camping last week, as written about in the last post. I brought a case of beer that everyone drank, some weed everyone smoked & I paid nearly $85 in fuel costs. For someone with no money it burnt but I never asked for anything in return. So imagine my surprise when Monday came around and Philipp my amazing german surfer (can he never leave?) handed me $60 Alice (can I keep her to) & He had collected from four of my surfers.

I admit my heart flipped a little to think of the kindness in these people who knew I was struggling financially due to over extensive holidays. But anyway thank god for that pay check I can’t wait to be back in the positive again. I missed being comfortable. I need to start saving for my next trip away and stop paying for everyone elses holidays.

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