Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When I'm down, the memories bring me back.

Negativity happens to the best of us, even me occasionally. Today I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something.. I felt flat. I was trying to determine what was wrong why I felt so sad and I couldn't pinpoint it. I wanted to talk to someone but there was no one to talk to and I didn't even know what I wanted to talk about. I needed to express myself somehow so I guess writing it down always helps.

But the truth is when I do end up in a sad mood all I need to do is read through my Couchsurfing referances and smile at all the beautiful things people say & think about me and it brings me back to the awesome times we had together and I smile, just remembering how lucky I was to meet this person.

So I'm going to leave a few of my favourites and you can see why they make me happy again.

From YoungKey Chung
Troy, United States

What can I say about Amanda? She is definitely one of the most exhilirating, passionate, and interesting people I have met in my entire life. From the moment I walked through the gates into her warm home, I knew that couchsurfing with her was going to be an adventure. Even though she had several couchsurfers with her, she took the time to get to know each person, and I really admire her for that. BUT, what really impressed me was the fact that she definitely knows how to party and make the most out of every situation. For example getting a 4WD stuck in the mud. Some other incredible Amanda feats include-running for miles in the pitch dark in ditch roads, outrunning poisonous snakes, and getting some loving from huge spiders. PS - Amanda's family is simply incredible. Heather, Sandra, Mara, and her Dad (who came to rescue the 4WD), are so generous and I am forever grateful to them for their warm, Aussie hospitality. Hope to see you in the US or anywhere our paths might cross again

From Joe Ampe
Phoenix, United States

Spontaneous expression of life is the only way i can think of describing Amanda. we went offroading on a whim which somehow sounded like a amazing adventure so skipped work. Met up a couple days later for Drinks... yeah we'll be back around 10... 130am rolling in and i wouldnt change it for the world. She really brings out the best in the people around her. Makes everyone feel welcome. I think she has mastered all aspects of this couch surfing thing. I can only hope to one day visit her side of the World. If you get the chance meet her, you will not forget it!

From Hannes Hosp
Kufstein, Austria

People like Amanda make Couchsurfing exist, she is the most experienced host I have ever met and she can tell great stories about her beeing a Couchsurfer in Canada. I couldn't believe how much she had actually done for all her guests until I saw her pictures and videos from all the trips she organized with her guests!
She made my stay absolutley perfect, I mean who would mind waking up to the smell of homemade pancakes in the morning! But also the evenings we spent together with a nice BBQ together with her very friendly family can't be described in words.
Amanda, you are definetely making the world a better place, can't wait to meet up again for the big reunion with all your surfers!

From Dominik Scherer
Alfter, Germany

I couldn't imagine a better first-time couchsurfing host than Amanda! From the moment I arrived at her place, I felt at home and welcomed into her family. I had great conversations with all family members and there are uncountable incredible memories of my stay: our wicked camping trip to Surprise Creek, the 4WD ride through a bushfire, where we almost rolled over, and taking Amanda's snake to the airport. Without Amanda, Darwin would've been just a side note of my Australia trip.

If you're afraid of adventures, don't stay with Amanda. But if you're not, you'll have an unforgettable experience!

Sydney, Australia

i'll keep this short because whatever i type here will not begin to do Amanda justice. she and her family are absolutely amazing! i could not have asked for a better experience or friend. i miss them already, and can't wait to go back!

From Jordan Thiebault
Troyes, France

How to describe this experience? When I arrived, I didn't even have time to drop off my backpack that we were already in a 4WD on the way to catch some snakes. I thought that it was a kind of welcoming tradition in Northern Territory. With Amanda, I met a sister and a friend at the same time. We had so many good parties full of good memories (Fiesta de la Luna, Beer Can Regatta, Surprise Creek, VIC, the amazing Throb and so many other good things). I want to tell her 1000 thanks for that. She showed me with passion the real face of Darwin. She also offered me the possibility to continue my travel around Australia. She is this kind of person who will take care of everybody. She is AWESOME. Amanda, I'm really happy to have been a part of your family during the last 3 months. I think that this experience was more than just a Couch-Surfing meeting and I loved it. Lot of kisses for everybody and see you in France for our snowboarding trip or what ever you want.
See you Sister

From Flavia Messina
Monza, Italy

She made my first experience in Cs perfect:
she spent a lot of time with me and my friends, she s really openminded and so is her family, her mum is adorable and her sister is so stylish!
she shared with us all her passions and her secrect places around, she took us snakes hunting at night time, rave party and dancing nights and we all had a GREAT & unique time, she organized Cs meetings, parties and BBQ for all hosts she had in the house and made everyone feel really comfortable and happy.
She is so so cool and so so good with everyone, she cooked for us and ate with us all the times she could, i think she is the best you can wish to have :) I had a great time and just because she made everything perfect and did always her best to make us all feel as if we were at home!
im so grateful to her and her family, they are awsome!! :)

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