Monday, February 9, 2009

Beds are burning

Surely by now the horrific bushfires have made world news. One of Australia's worst disastors to date with 173 dead and counting.

My family is relatively ok. I guess its still early but the only people I know who were affected by the fires live in Kinglake their house was burnt down but they made it out ok. The fires are getting very close to Melbourne so I hope it gets under control otherwise a lot more people will die.

You know what FUCK arsonists. If you have a severe compulsion to cause blazes why do it on the worst dry heatwaves of the century? Surely you knew that your fire was going to blow out of control. You probably couldnt have anticipated this kind of disastor but seriously history suggests that people die every year from Australian bushfires.

What the FUCK is wrong with people. Take your fucking matches and light yourselves on fire, because we dont want you.

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