Saturday, February 28, 2009

The great Alaskan road trip

Feb 28th – March 16th

What sort of crazy Australians, no TERRITORIANS decide to drive 3,500km in the middle of winter just to see a dog sled race?


And not just any dog sled race but the great Iditarod itself. This trip was many weeks in planning. Originally we had planned to fly however when it came down to it the drive was much more enticing (and fund friendly) We are Territorians you know we are used to driving long distances to get to the next big city! Firstly Jeepy had to be prepared which involved a big service that got him nice and ready for the long drive. Brendan picked up some essentials, oil, spare belt etc.

Accomodation was the next big thing and I don’t think we would have made it without couchsurfing. In fact our entire trip was based around where we could surf on couches! If you’ve never heard of it I suggest you do now and sign up! It’s a great way to meet new people and learn a lot about local areas you might not normally experience.

Day 1.

We left Banff around 7am in the morning. We had prepared breakfast the night before so all we had to do was microwave our sandwiches and hit the road. Another good idea for a long road trip. If you are planning on early mornings you can waste a lot of time getting breakfast! We pre made bacon & egg sandwiches for the whole week. It was an easy grab and go. We took the route through Jasper & Hwy 40 which shaved off a couple of 100km and was easily the more scenic drive of the two! I guess there isn’t to much to talk about this drive since we didn’t really do much just a straight drive to Dawson Creek. Mile 0 of the Alaska Hwy. This is where we met our first ever couchsurfing hosts! Cynthia & Randy. They easily surpassed all my expectations! We got into DC about 5pm and Cynthia picked us up to lead us to her house. It was a gorgeous little house just on the outskirts overlooking a pretty river. She had two beautiful dogs that were not to friendly. She had picked us up some drinks so we sat around the bench talking and drinking. About 10pm they decided to show us a little pub. The pub was called “…” it was run by a woman named Patty and was full of stuff! Patty loved to collect things from old sabertooth tiger fossils to photos of people from the area years ago. We drank there for a bit and played a girls vs boys shuffleboard. The girls lost, but not by much. We eventually got home and to bed by 1am. It was our own room with a queen bed. Heaven!

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