Sunday, February 1, 2009

So I moved in.

I have now moved into my new place. I have a huge room with my own bathroom. But no furniture. Right now we are sleeping on a foam mattress on the floor. I dont want to buy expensive furniture since I'll be leaving June but I can't sleep on a little matress for the next six months. We did score a futon but I still just want a queen bed.

The bathroom is huge but there is no cupboard space. All we have is a huge walk in closet and no shelving. I am on the hunt for cheap! bedside tables and drawers. I also dont have internet yet so writing this in my spare time at work.

I haven't really done anything noteworthy as of late. So instead I will tell you about some movies I watched recantly.

Slumdog Millionaire I actually really enjoyed this movie. The lead actor is a favourite of mine from Skins (a british tv show I can't get enough of) The movie manages to be dark but humourous. It was really powerful, strange kind of effect. MUST WATCH 4.5/5

Nick & Norahs Infinite Playlist I really had high hopes for this movie because I am a big fan of Michael Cera. In fact I think secretly I am in love with him. Move over Edward Norton!!! The movie was cute, cera was his normal goofy adorable self but the overall acting just fell flat and wooden. I didnt believe anyone, I didnt believe the connections between everyone and I sure as hell didnt believe the love connection between the two main characters! Still like I said it was a cute little movie. 2/5

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