Friday, February 6, 2009

Keep up with me!

I have Friday off this week which is a little strange to me. I dont really know what to do with myself!

The weather has taken a turn for the better once more and it has been around the low..high? negtives and low positives. I went out snowboarding again on Wednesday. The snow was surprisingly a little powdery and the sun was out making it about 5C! I was actually sweating because of how warm it was!!! We had a lot of beer 'oclocks inbetween every couple of runs. My boarding is definately improving and I fall over a lot less. The fact is snowboarding is easy if you just go straight down and stop! The hard part is riding the edges and switching from toe to heel. The reason I fall so much is because I am trying to master the more technical side of snowboarding. I still have issues going toe side on really steep hils and when im moving to fast, I have this fear in me and it locks me up and I dont bend my legs right. You have to lean on your front foot and bend the knee trying to do that when your going fast when you instinctively want to lean back makes for some painful falls. Anyway its been about 2 months now and every time I go out I have a ball, so at least I'm not hating it!

It was Taki's birthday so we went back to the Hidden Ridge Resort where we both had a room for the night. We enjoyed a soak in the Hottub while we watched a gorgeous sunset over the mountains. After that we went out to Waldhaus a german fondue resturant. It was seriously to die for, the cheese fondue was amazing. My biggest issue was I was way to drunk when I got there, something about to many beer o'clocks during the day! I almost fell asleep during the beef fondue but a hot chocolate with a shot of expresso did the trick and I was wide awake for chocolate fondue!

After dinner we went back to the hotel and played monopoly. I ended up losing badly (something new?) The game was missing $100 bills and community & chance cards. We did our best.

Photos of the day & night are here

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