Thursday, February 12, 2009

Right now im watching Highschool Musical 3

Something to be proud about. Stupid disney crap..

I'm really sore and just spent a TON of money on stuff we need. I guess the big purchase was a GPS.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday boarding with Taki. She is off to Mexico next week then we are off to Alaska the week after. So by the time we hit the slopes together again it will be april! With the way the weather has been im worried there wont be enough snow to keep going till end of may!!

My knee is killing me, I ended up on all these sucky runs and had to ride on my edge to much, or fall down a big cliff.

Had dinner with a bunch of Australians last night and they said that my accent was from a small town! Well, im from Darwin! but apparently the way I speak has so much slang and stuff in it I sound "bogan" LOL well I am a territorian.

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