Friday, May 15, 2009

bye bye Baby

Brendan is gone. In fact he should be pretty much in Australia by now. I drove him to the airport even though I was falling asleep. I said goodbye to him and forgot to say I love you. Oops..pretty hopeless I mean we have only been pretty much inseperable from 3.5 years! This will be a true test of our relationship staying power.. and my awesome independance. Will I cope with driving from one side of North America to the other...ON MY OWN!!!

Well little Tom-Tom my ever awesome GPS will be by my side. And maybe that random hippy I pick up with his finger stuck out and the 10 inch blade in his back pocket..

Driving home was a bitch, I really hate driving on the right hand side of the road, I really hate driving in big cities AND what the fuck is up with the goddamn blizzard! 0 visability im crawling along the yellow middle line at 10k/h thinking if there was someone on the road I wouldnt see them (or it?) Doesn't Banff know its actually Spring right now!

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