Monday, May 4, 2009

Bye bye Banff, Hello Muskoka!

So now everything is official. I have given notice at work, told my flatmate.

I am moving to Muskoka, Ontario for a summer job in Clevelands House Resort . I applied for the job on a whim about a month ago when I was fretting about what to do with myself when Brendan left. I applied for a front desk position. I was told there were no vacancies and thought no more of it.

suddenly a month later in my email was a job offer as a bartender! I rang HR and informed them I had no bar experiance but they said no problems they prefer it and want to train me how they want me to be. So my wage is a piddly $9.50 an hour. Pretty low compared to Australian wages but Canada is a tip run country which should bring my wage up quite considerably. It is also a high-end resort so I'll be expecting the rich & famous to be tipping me in $50 notes. (one can dream right)

I leave Banff on June 1st and will be driving across the US of A. Taking in the sights and sounds for two weeks of adventure!

It all came out of the blue and I'm totally excited for what the future will bring me. Gosh it was a hard secret to keep :D

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