Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well I have my randoms all set for the trip to Ontario trust it to all come together at the last minute! I have realised I have to much stuff and since I probably wont need most of it in Ontario I am going to leave it with Sandra's boyfriend in Sparwood. I'll pick it up when I come back east. So there are two guys coming with me one is an Australian all the way from Sunny brisbane. Only 18 and just out of highschool. I actually met him last night super sweet guy but very shy!!

I took him out to town and he passed the Theresa & Taki interview! yay. The other guy I haven't met but seems really nice as well. They are both super tall over 6ft and I only have one 3-4 man tent. I guess unfortunately we will have to cuddle up. Shhh don't tell Brendan LOL.

In other news I went along to be a cheerleader for some guy at a rugby game today, super nice and cute guy. He promised me I would get to see guys take their shirts off and he delivered. Something about shirtless sweaty guys just gets me excited. I think this being away from Brendan is doing bad things to me. Gee I miss him a lot its really hard to be away from the man you love and keep seeing all these sexy guys everywhere, and now im going to be traveling with another couple of young guys! My boyfriend is super lucky im so trustworthy :) Maybe if I write enough about men he will come back to Canada!

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