Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snake of DEATH!!!!!!!!

A week or so ago I told you about the children’s python I had been gifted with the intention of taming its aggressive nature.

Well the last Friday I attempted to hold him for the first time, I had a couple of beers (ok I had a lot of beers) and then reached my hand into the cage to grasp him. Well lets be honest he grasped me. His little head went flying towards my outstretched fingers sharp teeth latching themselves deep into my thumb and constricting his body in a death grip around it. After the initial sting of my thumb being treated as a delicious morsel I was now stuck with the dilemma of a 10cm python firmly latched onto my hand. I grasped his head in an attempt to persuade him to let go which just had him latch on stronger, constrict TIGHTER.

I left him for a good while hoping he might soon realise I was to big even for his super awesome jaw dislocation powers and let go of his own accord but time soon showed, he had a taste for blood and he was not giving up.

So I did what any person would do to detach a snake from their hands. I held him underwater giving him the option of life without me as a meal or drowning with my blood on his fangs.
He chose life like any good snake would.

Now perhaps realisation had hit that I probably wasn’t food, The snake of death as I had so aptly called him suddenly became the snake of cuddly teddybears & marshmallows. His so called aggressive nature diminished. He was a baby, the poor snake was probably just so under fed he was permanently hungry.

My couchsurfer Sam from England was excited to hold the little guy and took him from me. He struck out a few times but settled quite calmly after that into her hands. Sadly being the first time I had gotten drunk in a month I didn’t watch when she put him away and then when I woke up the next day ready to feed him the cage was empty. Snake of Opportunity had escaped.

My surfer was distraught to say the least but I consoled her as it was really just bad luck and partially my fault for not checking the cage. A similar event did occur when my American surfer Daniel put away my prized possession Dj and yet for some reason assumed the cage should remain open. Luckily for the quick eyes of my mother or my baby could have been lost to me forever. This is why I have a rule that the snakes can’t be touched unless I’m home. If these sort of things can happen whilst im home imagine the ignorance that could happen whilst im away! People just don’t understand the escapist nature of snakes. Not only can they push lids up to several times their body weight they can fit through gaps that look way to small for them.

So Sam & I dug desperately around the area the snake was lost hoping to get lucky and find his hiding place but reality was the area so full of shit and the snake of evasion was so tiny after half an hour of fruitless digging we surrendered to the fact he was gone forever.

So the snake of nimbleness went missing on Saturday imagine my surprise today! (Wednesday) when I get a call that Snake of Houdini had been rediscovered. Sam had returned from surfing another hosts place and was rifling through her bags near her bed when she discovered the tiny little bastard all curled up with no place to go. So stay tuned for further updates on Snake of....

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