Monday, March 19, 2012

Until we are all free none of us are free.

After forfeiting my volleyball finals due to prior commitmants this Saturday it meant we also weren't playing semi finals Monday night. Which meant for the first time in months I was able to finally make it to a Dassan meeting.

Aslyum seekers are a huge political issue in Australia more so in Darwin than any other state as the largest detention centres are here. One of my best friends Simon does the I.T for Serco the contraversial security company that manages the centres. Simon is a great guy almost depressed by his position as he sees first hand how seekers are treated. As I have mentioned below I have huge issues with ignorant people and asylum seekers seem to generate the largest amounts creating a much bigger problem than there actually should be. I am fine with people being either side of the argument but the majority of people against refugees have misinformed ignorant arguments that have been fuelled by biased media and politicians. You can't argue with these kind of people.

Attending the meeting there was an asylum seeker telling his story he had been in detention for 16 months and had only just been granted refugee status 2 months earlier. His english was broken but listening to him retell the frustration and conditions he faced every day waiting for his visa to be granted had me enthralled. Apparently women on average cry 35-60 times a year & men cry 5-7. I don't cry very often I would think less than 10 times a year but listening to him talk I had a complete you can't save the world moment and tears welled in my eyes. And this is just one guy out of hundreds.

I realise how much more open I am to dismissing racial stereotypes with my couchsurfing & travel experience. Don't get me wrong I enjoy life a lot I still party with the best of them but I am torn between worlds right now.
I never thought much about refugees when I was younger I was more interested in drugs, sex & alcohol. I lived each day like it was a party. I was self absorbed. I guess I can't really blame other people with ignorant outlooks on the issues when I used to be one of them.

If everyone would give an hour or two each week or a few dollars a fortnight imagine how much the world could accomplish. I want to keep that happy medium of enjoying my own life but at the same time bettering someone elses

Hero complex or what hah! Anyway there is a protest/rally on Good Friday if your interested in creating better awareness and getting involved would love to hear from you. If you aren't in Darwin there are plenty of options around Australia for support for asylum seekers. If justice for a 20yr tyrant can make viral headlines around the world why can't issues that are affecting hundreds & thousands of people in todays society be brought into focus.

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