Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Three Days off work? Helloooo Asia!

What's awesome about living in Darwin o besides the weather, the outdoors, the reptiles, the storms, the national parks, the markets, the small city convieniance?

The fact that Asia is a mere 1.5 hours plane ride away & a weekend journey to Bali costs me less than $200 return. When reality becomes overwhelming I can just take a weekend off and hop on over without disrupting my normal schedule. And Bali has what Darwin doesn't! Surf, Sun, swimmable beaches! Crazy no rules clubs. Monkeys. Who doesn't want monkeys?

Have I mentioned my friend Dominik well when he left I was on the last days of my no alcohol month and therefore we never quite got the Darwin send-off I love to provide. Yet fate would bring us together again as cheap flights to the sunny destination came up and next thing you know I had booked a six day weekend to Bali Paradise! Then last week five suspected terroists who had been planning several attacks in Bali were shot and killed and the security threat for travel to the location increased. But whatever, well the terroists aim for the tourist hot-spots as a couchsurfer I frequent the tourist not-so-much spots and with my previous surfer RohDiana to greet me at the airport the hidden gems of my sister country will be revealed!

Arriving late Wednesday night I have a couple of days to chill in Denpasar area, a big night out Friday & then its off to Padang Bai to get my diving on. Since November when I became SSI certified in vietnam my brain has been ticking over with possible dive locations and I love that some of the most beautful locations are basically just a short boat ride away!

With Weekends like this you need to wonder why
Darwin gets voted one of the most unlivable cities in the world! Oh perhaps its because of the extortionate house & petrol prices! Crappy health care & opportunistic crime sprees!

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