Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Taste of the Dry

If you look back at some of my living in Canada entries my love for Spring shines out across the pages. Spring in the rockies is something magical. Temperatures are in the low positives, the sun is out & the days are longer. More importantly warmer conditions bring large amount of fresh white powder with bluebird ski hill days that are hard to match.

Darwin doesn't have seasons, you get hot & wet or hot & dry. Both seasons have their positives and negatives but the dry season is when you really fall in love with the natural landscape of my home territory.

Hot & Wet season stretches from about October to May. Temperatures rarely drop below 30C even in the middle of the night the pressing heat weighs on you. The storms are incredible with more lightning strikes recorded in the world. I've spoken of my love for a Territory Thunderstorm time & time again. Sleeping into a Sunday morning as the sky stays dark around you is something few really appreciate.

This Sunday morning as I awoke I stretched out on my bed yawning, eyes opened to a gorgeous sunny blue day. The air around me was almost cold around 23C (23C is cold to me ok). It was something hard to comprehend being mid-march I should have woken in a pool of sweat instead it felt like the middle of June. Dry season already? Having my morning coffee watching the birds outside reality dawned on me the wet season was nearly over. I won't lie Inside a little part of me jumped excitedly. That day the weather was a taste of our dry much like a short burst of spring can break a winters cold. in a week monsoons would be back but over the next few months the air would lose its 90% humidity and eternal sunshine would return.

Even though I have a passion for the wet the dry holds just as much excitement for me. The dry is all about the outdoors. I can leave the safe haven of my living room to stretch out and explore the abundant beauty of the Northern Territory. Already my camping interests have been piqued as I ponder what beautiful places await me to visit this year. Sitting round a campfire stars twinkling in the sky, beer in hand & awesome people around me.

If you do ever plan to visit Darwin make it for May - September find out the magic that's my backyard. Experience the REAL outback Australia for yourself.

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