Thursday, March 1, 2012

Talking to myself

Sometimes I wonder if I am just writing this blog to myself since I have a total of two comments. I guess I never made this blog to be famous it was to document some of my more interesting travel experiences. Making it public just gave me purpose (and large amounts of censorship)

However just recantly an article of mine was posted on the couchsurfing webpage with a referral to my blog. Since then my Couchsurfing inbox has been filled with messages from people around the world. People who enjoy ready my blog and want to let me know it. I'm not going to lie being loved is kind of awesome.

Than I just recantly discovered that blogspot has a kind of tracking system which lets me see how people are coming to my blog. Most interesting is the search terms that have been used

german girls - I like to think someone has a genuine interest in the cultural aspect of german girls and didn't forget the word naked when they typed in their search request. I really can't think of any other reason to search german girls..

couch surfing darwin - I guess this is pretty self explanatory. I live in Darwin & I couchsurf.

couch surfing revelstoke - This brings me back to to an amazing weekend I had in revvy with one of my favourite Kiwis!!!

couchsurfing dating - Well couchsurfing definitely isn't a dating site!

couchsurfing group darwin - once again no explanation needed.

couchsurfing in a relationship - Now I start to think that couchsurfers all have one track minds.

couchsurfing threesome - There was never any post about a threesome I had with two german girls that has since been deleted. No. Seriously.

erk agh - Who the hell searches for "erk arg" I am now going to spit out random word combinations in my posts in order to attract those sort of people. Ashk beeerg

gunlom - Gunlom is fucking awesome!

house of sin, couchsurfing, melbourne - This could be some kind of government conspiracy. Maybe the House of Sin are really aliens and the FBI is investigating anyone who comes in contact with them.

So there you go the most current search terms that have led people to my blog. Well played google, well played.

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