Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beautiful weather, beautiful minds

A bit of an update whats going on.

The weather has been fantastic lows of -4C highs of 0C beautiful clear skies.

Dragged myself out of bed yesterday to do a little bit of snowboarding. I was not in the mood but when I got out there and felt the board slide on the snow I was hooked once more. The weather was nice and I was warm the whole day. I practiced my turns a bit more and I'm getting a lot more confident even going a little bit faster. The fact is Snowboarding is a hard thing to master.

Well we found a place to move into. Its really nice and we get a huge room with our own bathroom. The girl knows we will be leaving end of June but I think she is happy to have us since Taki told her how clean we are! Ok I am a slob when it comes to my own bedroom but I can't stand dirty dishes in the sink!!! A little bit more then I wanted to spend but will be worth it for our sanity I think. Staff accomodation was great for a while but I'm definately over it.

Money is a bit of an issue especially with taking off the whole of march. Dont get me wrong we have a huge chunk of Australian cash if we need it but I would rather be spending the money I am earning here. I need to cut my Alaskan expenses to about 2 grand or less. Less alcohol and less going out for dinner!!! I need to get my account up to 10 grand for when we leave in June.

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