Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chronic Masturbation is a private thing

You know how you can never think of what you want to say at the time. But then four hours later its all so obvious and you wish you had stepped forward and grasped the moment by the balls! (no pun intended, youll understand shortly)

I got prank called last night as I was finishing up my shift,

Ring Ring
Me = "Hello thank you for calling banff lodging company ******** how can I help you today"
Him "Hello? Hello?"
Me "Hello??? can you hear me"
Me "Do you want to make a reservation?"
Him "Oh.. Hello!"
Me "Do you want to book a hotel?"
Him " I masturbate a lot"
Me "I have caller ID (read out his number)"
Him "oh...."
Me "I'm going to go now. Have fun masturbating"
*click* Hung up!!!

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