Friday, January 16, 2009


Well I had a really great time on Wednesday. It was my first real time riding on a snowmobile. I do remember about 10 years ago semi driving one in Pennsylvania but my uncle was sitting behind me doing all the basic controls. They were new gearless skiddoos which makes life easy because I suck with changing gears!

The tour basically tooks us up a remote mountain in Golden, BC. You could travel at your own pace which was good because I was pretty slow cruising most of the time at about 20mph and my boyfriend was a lot quicker sitting between 25 - 40 mph. They would stop every 20 minutes or so just to regroup. Usually everyone was waiting for me! And there was a guide at the back so if I did get stuck they would be able to pull me out. Those skiddoos are pretty heavy! Oh yea and I did manage to get stuck twice.

We stopped at the top of the mountain to eat lunch and just relax it was beautiful and white. All in all there was about five hours of riding all up and my thumb was killing me. That night I was in a lot of pain my forearms were cramping up!

I would definately reccomend the tour and the best thing is if your like me and not overly confident you can move at your own pace. Just be prepared to be sore for the next night! To be honest I'm getting used to all this pain from snow sports!

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