Friday, January 9, 2009

Mmm powder

I know all my entries have been about snowboarding but what can I say,


We went out on wednesday to Sunshine village which had gotten about 20cm of fresh snow and the conditions were amazing! I went hard and every time I fell over (which was ALOT!!) it was like floating on clouds. Once I realised there would be no pain I pushed myself a little further the face plants I did would perhaps have broken every bone in my body on a normal day but didnt even put a dent in my fragile bones. I started turning and could slide back and forth, ungracefully mind you but still turning. I had no fear, I am now powder hooked!

For those of you who know me well know I have a chronic medical condition which affects my body, some days more then others but the overall strength of my wrists and elbows is comprimised thanks to over 10 years living with the disease. Snowboarding scared me at first because of this and each time I go out I am faced with the fear of falling tenfold. Its a hard battle to fight since snowboarding relies a lot on relaxing, i think that is why I fell in love with powder. No fear. I am yet to break a bone since being diagnosed but that is because I took a step back from life and gave up anything that I deemed risky to my health. This is probably the first time in a LONG time I stepped outside of my comfort zone.

Fingers crossed I get through this winter unscathed! You probably wont see me on any black diamonds but chances are I'll be out there somewhere taking the risk.

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