Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australia Day!

Last night was Australia day. I had a pretty good day/night. Started off early 11am (which is actually late for an Australian but canada is to cold to start drinking earlier) We went out to Lake Louise to check out their Australian day events but not much was happening so we went and checked out the ice sculptures on the actual lake. Very pretty but it was way to cold for us and about 10 minutes in we had to duck inside to warm up and defrost our toes!!!

After lake louise we went home. We did attempt to get into the Australian day events at Legion but it was packed and the line wasnt moving. If I know Aussies we start early and finish late!!! We never leave. So after half an hour waiting in the cold we decided fuck that and ended up at Kims Place. We then eventually went out to Brunos where I stayed for the whole night drinking and talking. I took a heap of photos if you want to check them out http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=87190&l=15bd0&id=585873948

Pretty awesome australia day I would have to say but I do miss the heat, barbeque and my family!

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