Sunday, October 11, 2009

At the end of every week each one of us becomes a freak!

3 more days and I'm out of here!

I have some Ontario slang for you, yes we know I'm a sponge I soak it all up then travel across the globe and pass it on to other unsuspecting sponges.

I'm just saying! - Maybe my favourite, used kind of instead of "you know what I mean" to add confirmation onto the end of your statement. Like "oh the drive to here was hell, I'm just saying!" Also has a derivative "What are you saying?" which actually means "what are you doing" however I dont use that one I think its whack.

Whack - I think its newfie slang basically means what it says "your whack"

yes bye (pronounced yes boi) - another newfie slang dont really know what that means sometimes its just said sometimes its in confirmation. Don't try and understand the newfies!

First stop on Wednesday is Ottawa Canada's proud capitol! Then Montreal for a few days :)

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