Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nova Scotia

Ahhh well first my cough is still plaguing me and I was just looking on the internet about constant coughing and found this medical forum turned religious its kind of funny take a look I dont want to see a doctor in case I have something contagious then they wont let me into the US. Maybe Ill wait till im in Florida.

Anyway I spent to long at the Hopewell rocks waiting for the tide.. I did go to Fundy National Park which was free entry because end of season I guess still the info centre was open and the chick gave me a map for a few good short hikes. I took the wrong road and ended up trapped in construction for ages then I had to turn around and got stuck in the construction again.... So I got to Wolfe Point finally to see the highest tides in the world or some shit. Pretty. By now it was 3pm.... I had about a 3 hour drive to Truro, NS so I decided to scratch the hikes and just left the park.

On the way to Truro I picked a hitchhiker up who was buying his cigarettes in New Brunswick because it was cheaper by about $15 then buying them in Nova Scotia, different taxes are strange. Sometimes I think Canada is about 10 different countries.

So I got to my new location about 6pm. My new host is cool. He has a whole new turnaround on life and extremely positive to listen to. He also has a Ball Python called.. Monty which is absolutely beautiful I had to pull him out of his cage straight away! Holding him made me think of Dj and how much I miss him but it felt good to be one with a reptile again. We talked for a while a couple of his mates were round as well, strange questions like "do you walk in the forest and see crocodiles". Well ok just one of them was asking strange questions.

Today I went down to Peggy's cove which is probably the most photographed lighthouse in the world, and you can see why, its beautiful and even now when tourist season is over there was heaps of people walking around. I tried to take Sandra's challenge of getting the lighthouse without any people and almost did but these two annoying old people just wouldn't move!!! After Peggy's cove I drove along the coast for a while headed to Kejimkujik National Park, Seaside Junction to appreciate a bit of Nova Scotia's amazing shoreline. I did a nice 5.5km hike and my lungs didnt act up which was good, it wasnt a hard hike though no real uphill but amazing scenery!

Anyway by the time I finished that and drove back it was 7pm. So now I'm chilling with Matt my host and eating a Vegemite sandwich. Tomorrow im off to PEI

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