Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Well I should write about the weekend before the memory of my fantastic night becomes another blur. If there was one good thing about me coming to Muskoka its the fact I met Chad & Cammy in the carpark after underworld. Hanging around these two amazing sweet guys made me realise how much I really don't get along with the college kids I work with.

My birthday itself was pretty tame, I was actually working but Clayton a great guy in the bakery made me a cake which was really sweet of him. The celebration of turning 28 was to happen that weekend to Tiesto!

I would never put Tiesto up there as one of my favourite Djs, maybe not even top 10 but I do like his music and I love to dance. Plus I had a lot of fun with Chad & Cammy at Underworld I was looking forward to partying with them again!

So for lunch I actually had a kind of “date” at turtle jacks in Port Carling with this guy who was sort of schmoozing me but I wasn’t really interested. He is a nice guy but not particularly my type just kept trying to impress me by telling me the same three stories he told me the week before. He did pay for lunch however and bought me a birthday present which was also sweet, that's kind of a new thing for me I don't generally let guys buy things for me... I don't like feeling like I owe them something, especially if Im not interested in them I get guilty. However he insisted and lets be honest my muskoka wages are shit so I gave in pretty easy on that one!

After lunch I drove to Toronto to Cammys house where I was meeting Cam & Chad. I was introduced to his family and sat around making small talk to his folks. We headed out for dinner I forget the name of the place but I had Chicken Parmigiana. Pretty much an Australian pub menu staple but almost impossible to find in Canada. Just about my favorite :D

After dinner we headed to Tiesto arriving about 10pm. We headed in and stood in line for about a half hour. Security confiscated every glowstick in the house and they weren’t even selling them inside! I guess Tiesto wanted everyone to look at his face on the big light show board all night! Lucky for us Tiesto wasnt coming on till 11:30 but the pre dj was really good. I was loved up and dancing hard. Tiesto did an amazing job some new stuff and old classics. He finished up around 3am and we headed out to the carpark where we had a car park party with a bunch of other people I dont remember their names. Then cams friend Brian and his gf Andrea came with us and we went into Downtown Toronto where there was this weird art show that went from Sunset to Sunrise all the places had some weird art. Like there was this weird hall and all these people with paper bags on their heads were standing around they would bump into you and then say sorry. It was some thing to represent passive aggressive behavior.

I peeed in the bushes in the middle of Toronto because I couldn't find a bathroom and I was about to pee my pants! We walked around for ages looking at art and then we went back to Cams house about 7am. We lay down in his living room watching bad cartoons. Chad went home about 11am and we flicked channels for another three hours before trying to finally lie down at 2pm. No go we just talked for four hours then got up and at dinner with his family. His family is funny they knew all about what we had been doing and his sister has ADD so she just kept talking, I choked down some turkey and tried to keep up but when Im sketchy I find it hard to deal with crowds. I was way to far gone to drive home so I ended up crashing at Cams and we stayed up talking some more, watching bad movies we eventually passed out at 2:30 am Monday Morning.

I bought him breakfast and then drove back to Muskoka, I had to work at 730pm. I guess the whole 30 hours+ awake and walking around in the cold all night wrecked me because I spent Tuesday in bed with a killer flu, still cant complain to much I had a really amazing weekend and would do it all again if I could. I'm sad I will be leaving Toronto in a week and wont see them until April for Coachella, still that would make Coachella all the more awesome :D Ive always believed in quality over quantity and these guys will be lifelong friends.

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