Thursday, October 15, 2009

Muskoka - Ottawa - Montreal

Well I have arrived and sipping a red wine in true French fashion.

The journey here was a bit of a dream. I had a bad sleep the night before, the fish tank and strange dreams about murderous families breaking into the room kept me up (oh they made me watch the devils rejects before bed)

I made it to Ottawa about 2pm and had a bit of a hassle trying to find a car park so I could check out the parliament buildings. The signs were all over the place and the streets impossible. You could pretty much NEVER turn, I decided right then and there I found Ottawa harder to drive in then Calgary. At least in Calgary despite the one way streets you can turn, in Ottawa you need to go about a KM before they let you go left or right!

I didn't spend to long in Ottawa, I checked out the parliament buildings and did a bit of walk around. Amazing, the architecture was beautiful. Its got me all excited for Old Montreal tomorrow. Also ended up at Sparks mall which happens to be Canada's FIRST EVER pedestrian mall (slightly anticlimactic)

I don't know why I didn't plan my trip better, Montreal was only another two hours from Ottawa and I for some reason thought it was four. Jeepy had a bit of an accident on the way, the bumper must have been loose on the right side, maybe a bolt fell off and with my insane driving (ok compulsive speeder I admit it) somewhere between Ottawa and Montreal the right side ripped off and went flying over the windshield and into the oncoming traffic. I think it missed everyone and I was hardly going to attempt to turn around and collect the pieces so I said goodbye and left a little piece of myself back in Ontario.

I was to meet Lisa after she finished work at 8pm and ended up making it into the city at 630pm this was despite the horrible hour delay in INSANE peak hour traffic. I decided to walk around but got to cold and ended up jumping into a little bar where I had a local Quebec beer and contemplated life momentarily. I met up with Lisa when she finished and we went back to her apartment.

And that's where I am now, sipping my red wine and pouring over brochures for the next few days.

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