Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bangor, Maine

So Monday Ted one of the guys I was couchsurfing with and I went up to Acadia National park for some hiking. Ted was great he knew the way around paying the entrance fee so we took a one way look road and parked a little way up. We had to hike down to the hike but it was a beautiful coastal walk and I got a ton of pictures. We also went past Thunder Hole where the surf crashed into the rocks and made a boom sound, apparently a few weeks earlier there was a hurricane and a bunch of people got swept off the lookout so they blocked it off. Oh I should mention it was an amazing day, blue skies and about 8C.

So we did this hike called beehive and there were two options you could walk an extra 500m and it was ‘easier’ (we walked a bit of it back and it was only slightly easier) or you could walk a shorter path and it was supposed to be more difficult. We took the more difficult part which was INSANE. It was literally climbing straight up the mountain.. we were on the edge of this cliff and holding metal bars to pull ourselves up. So halfway up as we are inching along this mountain I said to Ted “Did I mention I’m terrified of hieghts?” and he said “I thought you said you were claustrophic – heaps of wide open spaces here” as he gestures to the 100 foot sheer drop mere centemetres from my feet. “Well yea that to but I’m pretty much terrified of EVERYTHING” Still I grit my teeth and kept climbing, I could feel it in my legs (getting ready for snowboarding!!) The view was amazing and worth it, we followed a loop around and climbed another mountain with another amazing view. Overall it was a good 6km of hiking back to the car.

After the hike we drove up Cadillac Mountain for some absolutely amazing views of Bar Harbour and beyond, did I mention there were blue skies – you could see for miles. I couldn’t have asked for better hiking weather!!

We headed home and stopped by Stephen Kings house which was pretty cool, he had bats on his gate! Also went to Hope Cemetry this beautiful little cemetary which is a bit of a hangout for people it was also where the son was buried in the movie Pet Sematry. We finished off the night with some drinking I picked up a couple of local Maine Beers. There was this snake adder brew from North Korea and I got dared to try it. There was literally a dead snake in it... dont tell Dj!! It was disgusting but hey I did it..

Anyway right now I am in NYC staying at my Uncles Pad in Elmhurst. I drove the 7 hours without any hassles... it was a bit hairy coming into NYC but I did cross the George Washington bridge in my Jeep and didn’t crash at all.

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