Saturday, October 17, 2009

backtracking a little September 29th a hike in the middle of Muskoka

Donovan one of the Kitchen guys I hung around with had grown up in the Muskoka area and took me and Clayton (bakery) on a little random hike outside of his hometown Gravenhurst. I put on my runners and got in the car. He laughed at me..

"Look at you in your nice white pants..."
"what? I can roll them up to my knees"
"Yea thats not going to help"

I probably should have believed him..

We got stoned first another not so good idea. Donovan has a very short attention span and knew the area better then me he took off with clayton not far behind. If you know me at all you know that I am a hugely paranoid person, I am scared of everything. So being out in the middle of bear country having no idea where I was let alone the two guys I was hiking with were and the extra added paranoia of being horribly stoned I was literally going insane imagining countless things. Not only that I am also claustrophobic. We had to cross this one swamp which I think took me about a half hour, there was no crossing and it was thick with trees. I couldn't move I was surrounded by trees... I felt them closing in on me. I had no choice but to cross the swamp however so I ended up just pushing with all my force on the trees, my arms were so sore the next day from the exertion. I tried to walk on the trees but fell in the swamp anyway which was about a foot deep.

We also crossed three huge rivers by taking beaver dams across - cool yes but dangerous? This was the middle of fall, it was freezing. The dams were soft on the sides and it was easy to accidentally slip and fall in the river.

Anyway pictures of the hike are here despite everything it was an amazing hike with beautiful scenery and I would not hesitate to do it again. However I would do a few things differently I would wear pants that were not white, my actual waterproof hiking boots and not have any pot beforehand.

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