Monday, October 26, 2009


Here is a little news about a little province known as PEI (Prince Edward Island) Canada’s smallest province. Um anyway as you know I have spent the last two days here, the weather was absolutely miserable. Gale force winds and really cold. My cs friend Cynthia took me around I got to see a lot of the real PEI the families behind it. Everyone pretty much knows everyone, the families all have some connection mostly related – its like Tasmania to Australia!! Another interesting thing is that the PEI canadian accents have a real irish twang to them. I almost thought they were old irish blood even though thier family had been on PEI for aaaaaaaaages. Anyway Saturday night Cynthia took me to her old mates place and we had fresh PEI mussells. I didn’t even know I liked mussells but they were DELICIOUS I could have eaten the whole bowl and very nearly did. I think Im turning into a seafood freakorama. I did do a bit of a coastal tour but the weather sucked to much balls.

I crossed the border today from New Brunswick into Maine and was detained for three hours.. ridiculous... fuck I hate US customs. They decided I was trying to import medication because I had a lot of prescription meds. All mine but I did have more then required its just so expensive to go to the doctor and get meds over here I get them from Australia... Anyway they took like half my medication away and did a seizure form bleh... I guess I was lucky they wanted to fine me 5000 bucks and send me back to Canada. Still my entire car was searched... I did have about a gram of weed and a pipe but I threw it out just before I crossed the border you could smell it in the car.. I think they found where it was and was trying to locate some weed so they could charge me. The bastards also took my tomatoes!!!!!!!!!

I sped to Bangor, Maine which is where I am now.. Saw like four cops but they didnt even chase me... I really want to get a speeding ticket in every state. My cs hosts are great we are going to do some hiking tomorrow and it turns out this is the home town of Stephen King so going to check out his house and a few of his movies were filmed here.

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