Sunday, November 1, 2009

New York, There's nothing you can't do

So I took a bit of a break from travelling and driving and spent the last week in New York. I drove in Tuesday October 27th and head out tomorrow Monday November 2nd. I was staying with my uncle in his batchelor pad in Elmhurst. I have been to this city enough times the tourist stuff doesn’t really interest me any more so I pretty much just chilled out.

Wednesday night we went to a bar to watch the opening match of the Yankees world series. Im a yankees fan by association since all my family is pretty crazy for it.
Friday I went into Manhattan as I was going to meet a friend for a drink but he never got in contact with me so I just did a little bit of shopping and 5th Ave walking.

Saturday was the big night for me, Halloween! I love Halloween was raised by an American mother but Australia doesn’t really celebrate it. Actually I just love any excuse to dress up. I was Gaz from Invader Zim. My friend Charles from Fredericton, New Brunswick was going to be in NYC the same night so we met up in Little Italy for dinner. He was with his friend, Brad also from New Brunswick and had this amazing Ghostbusters costume that just stopped traffic he had made the backpack from scratch and it even lit up.. crazy.

So after dinner we went to check out the parade but in true NYC style there was waaay to many people and My uncle and I couldnt really take the crowds. The costumes were amazing though! Brad kept getting stopped for pictures. Lenny and I ended up leaving and going to Times Square where we went to a bar and chilled out having a few drinks. My friends caught up with us again after the parade and we sat around a bit longer having drinks. The bar was pretty chill though so we decided to leave and go downtown to a club, Lenny decided he needed to pee really bad and pulled us off the subway halfway through so we ended up in the middle of nowhere... We found a little bar and sat down relaxing and drinking more. Uncle Lenny left about 2am he was passing out on me but I stuck around chatting to two guys that were staying at the hostel down the road and Charles & Brad as well. One of the guys was from Toronto the other Minnesota. So we all sat around drinking and chatting till about 4am before we got kicked out of the clubs and walked the streets for a little while, I didnt know where the fuck I was, I was tired, the clocks were back an hour for daylight savings so it was even later then it said.. we stopped at a diner and had a coffee and chatted. Charles & Brad left and I was talking to the two hostel boys (whoose names I cant even bloody remember, did they even tell me...) for a little longer but I was tired to.. so I flagged a cab, negotiated a price and went back to Uncle Leos place where he was still up partying with a friend of his dressed as Dracula.

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