Sunday, November 8, 2009

Barely scraping by...

Florida is not agreeing with me. Its great seeing my Aunty & Cousins and the weather I just love so much, but its that weather that is against me. The humidity is causing a pretty severe RA flare-up. I am in pain, always tired and just feel like crap. I haven't had a flare-up this bad since..well I was back in Darwin. Its been four solid straight days. I hate that the type of weather I call home and love so much is so against my body. I cannot begin to describe how amazing I felt in Alberta.. I could do anything. Traveling and having to deal with a RA flare is really hard. I really hope it goes down tomorrow.

Well Monday Im driving to New Orleans and its a looong drive 9.5 hours. I did a bad job of planning my trip and said I would be in Colorado by the 14th lol.. So New Orleans monday night for two nights then I will be driving to Tyler, TX for one night. Then Amirillo for two nights where I will be hiking Palo Duro for a day before driving to Colorado arriving Saturday night.

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