Saturday, November 21, 2009

Five years on..

So today, well technically for me tomorrow but we are on Australia time now. November 22nd 2004, is the five year anniversary of my first boyfriends suicide. I guess it isn't something I hide or talk about much but as November rolls around I always remember. Jack was the one who made me love electronic music, he inspired me to dance. Now when I dance I always feel like he is there with me dancing by my side his eyes closed and hand raised as he becomes one with the music.

I think tomorrow as I ride the Utah ski hills and I am at my happiest, I hope he knows I am thinking of him, not by being sad but remembering the good times and what he gave me that I will never forget.

RIP Dj Howe

Something I wrote in 2004

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lani said...

sends love and happy thoughts.