Sunday, November 29, 2009

The End of the Road Trip

So I made it to Banff.. and I have slacked off with the last week of writing so here is what happened.

My last night in Utah I had dinner at Scott #2's place for some amazing cowboy chili along with a few other couchsurfers Cari, Grant, Tiago(from brazil) and Sam. It was a great night filled with lots of food and wine I hated to tear myself away since I was having so much fun but I had a huge drive the next day. I did catch up with Scott #1 for an hour before hitting the sack.

Tuesday November 24th I left Salt Lake City and drove the 14 hours to Seattle. I was staying with two friends of mine Carrie & Steven. To be honest my last month of travel and adventure was catching up with me especially the extensive exercise I was doing in Utah and after 14 hours straight driving I was bloody exhausted so I excused myself to bed pretty early.

Wednesday we went down to Pike Place markets. In the afternoon I took it easy and played Legos with Jackson.

Thursday was fun, Carrie cooked an amazing thanksgiving dinner so I stuffed myself full of turkey, sweet potato, apple pie etc. I played some guitar hero with Jackson and just drank lots of beer and wine. My body was in pain I still have sore ribs from my fall in Colorado and my arms were killing me from my Utah experiance.. Plus my RA really hates Seattle weather and was causing extreme pain and all the other side effects (geez I sound like an old lady) I have to admit I was not at my most interesting and went to bed early once again.

Friday I drove to Vancouver with a German girl Anna. The Canadian border customs barely even batted an eye. Our main problem was a huge car pileup that had us stopped for an hour right outside all the outlet malls. Silly black friday shoppers!! Anna was really cool and we chatted tons. I was 10 minutes late to picking up my sister but she forgave me (yay) It was so good to see my sister it can get lonely overseas!

Saturday I drove to Banff! It was a shitty drive, snowing most the way but the worst was in Field. 5 HOURS!! Here I am stuck in the middle of nowhere with no phone reception 80km away from the end of the trip. So frustrating. I was supposed to be playing volleyball at 8pm and couldnt call or anything to say I wouldnt be there. We didnt make it into banff until 1130pm..argh.

So thats the end of my road trip ...11,880km not including side trips. I had an AMAZING time met some AMAZING people but bloody hell I am glad to not be driving again.

And I have a few plans in mind, I found a place I would love to call home. The weather, the lifestyle.. its exactly what I want from life now. I have changed a lot and I'm not sure humidity and perpetual summer is for me anymore. My RA is basically non-existant there...Im pretty sure you all know exactly where I want to move to. It definately won't be for a few years yet but its definately on the cards!

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