Monday, November 23, 2009

Denver to Utah

Ok I have slacked off a bit with writing but omg my last few days have been intense. Anyway the Denver couchsurfing meetup was awesome! They got the whole loft of this bar and there was about 30+ people there. Draft beer was $2 and appetizers 1/2 off. I walked right in and just started talking to people. I am usually so shy when it comes to meeting new people in large groups but couchsurfers are so much like me that its really easy to get into conversation. They are trusting, open people with such a love for travel and life that its really hard to dislike any of them! I didn't want to leave but I was pretty tired so around Midnight I went home.

Friday I headed off to Utah about an 800km drive. Not to bad but I decided very last minute (pretty much right when I saw the turnoff sign) to check out the Arches National Park. So that added another 100km to the journey but it was so worth it. I didn't have a lot of time since I didn't want to be driving all night but I spent a good couple of hours just exploring the National Park and wow it was amazing. I really just want to come back to Utah and camp for like 2 weeks and explore all the national parks. Still I'm glad that I took the detour just in case I don't make it back this way. Oh and the weather was gorgeous.

So about an hour and a half out of Salt Lake City I get pulled over for doing 15mph over and given a misdeamanor. I don't normally speed that much but I was bloody tired and just wanted to be in SLC already. Ah well another souvenier.

My couchsurfing host wasn't even in Utah he had gone to San Franscisco but left his key out for me so I made myself at home and his next door neighbour Scott took me under his wing. I was so tired from all the driving and I had my cousins stomach bug so took it easy friday night.

Saturday Scott cooked me steak, eggs & mushroom for breakfast and then took me out for a nice little local hike with a waterfall. It was pretty intense for me, only about 2 miles one way but with a bit of elevation and my body is not used to mountains anymore. Plus the stomach bug. Still it was beautiful and on the way back we saw two beautiful black moose fighting. I have never seen a moose with its antlers still on. Saturday night I went out to the SLC cs meet bumming a ride from we will call him Scott #2The meet was good I met some cool people and then after the meet even though I was exhausted I decided to go out to one of Scotts #2 friends birthday party. It was a gay club with a rubix cube theme which I thought was pretty cool. You dress up in all colours of the cube then eventually swap clothes with people till you are one complete colour. I chatted to some utah locals. It was also $15 for all the redbull/vodka I could drink! Scott #2 was another great guy.

I met like four people called Scott that night.. I think every second person in Utah is called Scott...

Sunday, slightly hungover I was up at 7am to go see another CSer a cool Chinese guy call Leo. We were going to go snowboarding but because there had been no snow in a week he took me out snowkiting instead. It was 9,800 feet or something in elevation and I was given lessons on flying the kite so the board would pull me along. Wow.. being on top of this mountain with beautiful Utah powder everywhere harnessing this kite.. hard but amazing feeling. I wouldn't mind learning it more. I was out of breath after two hours so Leo took me to this cool natural hotspring about a 2 mile hike in and we soaked away the day. It was a long day I didn't get home till 8:30pm and fell asleep almost instantly.


Oh Utah you are amazing... 9" of fresh powder for me to enjoy I FINALLY went snowboarding in Utah. I was reccomended Snowbird. It was good, I was tired and my ribs were still sore after my fall in Colorado. Wow though.. for a green run it was crazy steep and with all the powder I just basically rolled down some parts of the mountain. I couldn't control my board very well over the moguls.. I need more powder practice!! I guess I will have to come back to Utah!

Gee though my weekend has been really intense so much physical activity I am looking forward to taking it easy in Seattle. Speaking of which .. that it not a 12 hour drive I am looking forward to but I am looking forward to spending thanksgiving with Steven, Carrie & Jackson!

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