Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Colorado, Can I keep you?

I don't know if I mentioned it but my Weather Karma is right on track. I have had the most amazing weather my entire trip except for two days of misery in Prince Edward Island but that's hardly enough to damper my entire trip and I had an amazing time. Its making up for my miserable summer! So many people as I was bartending would ask me if I was hating on the Canadian Summer and I would always reply "I come from a permanent summer, for me its all about the Canadian winter and if there is one thing Canada can do right its Winter!" Even Alberta's lamo winter last year was better then anything Australia could offer.

So I did have to drive through Ida but as I wasn't sightseeing at the time it wasn't a big deal.

Anyway back on good weather karma, Colorado impressed me with a good 8"-12" of fresh snow over the weekend absolutely perfect for my Snowboarding! I went to the ski expo on Sunday and shelled out a ton of money on whole new gear. Last year I learnt on a 20 year old burton board with bindings and ex rental boots so as you can see I believe I really deserved this gear. I got a brand new Salomon Ivy Board which has this cool flex triangle thing, its supposed to be a very all round board and the triangle loosens when on flat to make edge riding easier and hardens on steep parts. Anyway its a step up! I also got some great new Salomon boots & bindings, pants, jacket, helmet & goggles.

So monday I went up to Red Rocks ampithetre for a look around and got a great view of Denver and some amazing scenery. I went with my cousins fiance Julie who is really cool so we get along well.

Tuesday I met up with Frank who is the brother of a previous couch surf host Mike. Mike is in Chicago and looked after my car for two weeks when I had to go home to Australia. So Frank was really cool, very active into climbing, mountain bike riding etc. He is also a skier but we won't hold that against him. So he took me up to Breckenridge for some snowboarding. I was a little worried at first since it had been so long since I last boarded but after a few initial stacks I got my balance back and my new board rode beautifully. My last run of the day I guess I was pretty tired and full of a couple of beers so I was cruising quite lazily down the hill when I lost toe edge control, normally when I lose control I can fall quite gracefully on purpose but this time I just went flying slammed my left side into the mountain, bounced and then landed on my stomach. I completely winded myself and bruised my ribs (not bad enough to need to see a doctor just to make them a little sore) So I lay on my back for a while trying to regain my breath and frank is just standing over me laughing. I lay there for a good five minutes before I managed to get myself up and get down the rest of the hill. After that though my confidence was shot and it was definately time to go home!

So Frank took me to Dillon Dam Brewery which is a local micro brewery that also has a pub/resturant next to it. I had some Bison Chili and more beer (of course!) So we just chatted which was good our conversation flowed really well. We went back to his place and watched random stuff before I crashed out at about 10:30pm.

My butt is bruised and my arms are so sore.. my legs actually dont feel to bad. Also my ribs are a little sore as well. Taking it easier today off to a Denver CS meet tonight. More snowboarding tomorrow then Utah on Friday.

Speaking of awesome weather Karma Utah is due to have a nice snowfall this weekend! YAY

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