Thursday, November 12, 2009

I could learn to love Texas

So Last night I was in Tyler, Texas for the night and spent the afternoon strolling tyler state park. Uneventful..but beautiful

I stayed with another couchsurfer, really great/strange guy (but strange in a good way) I met him at his church and sat through a few hymns. I was definitely not that comfortable, refused to say Amen at the end of the prayer and wouldn't move my lips during the songs. I really can't sing praises to something I don't really believe in. Then the guy doing the sermon decided to introduce me to the whole bible study group and I felt so out of place. But Robert was great and the church fed me fried chicken.

So he had a bunch of animals some dugos some kind of rat thing from chili and two ball pythons, one an albino, so beautiful. He also had three cats which decided to wake me up around 5am in the morning - ugh. Robert honestly was such a fascinating person though I really enjoyed his company and stories!!

So my drive to Amarillo was pleasant. I got pulled over about 200 miles out for doing 54mph in a 45mph zone. It was a cute young cop with a smooth southern accent. He was the first cop I had seen all texas which is weird cause in Louisiana there were cops every five minutes. He let me off with a warning telling me to make sure I slowed down. Sure thing I said whilst under my breath "Ill slow down if you promise to pull me over again" He knew I wouldn't pay my speeding ticket. I have been doing 10mph+ over the limit from the beginning of my trip and he was the first to pull me over and he didn't even give me a damn ticket!!

Anyway if all the cops are like him I could see myself living in Texas. Oh and the weather is great to.

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